Top 5 foods to be eat in breakfast

Top 5 foods to be eat in breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it should contain all the nutrient. A person should have heavy breakfast to energised for all day. 

The foods to eaten in breakfast should be healthy one. This is because after waking up after a 7 to 8 hours of sleep your body needs a energy to make you energise and don't feel sleepy. 

Top 5 foods to be eat in breakfast
Top 5 foods to be eat in breakfast

But the main problem is people is not having there breakfast on time or else they were not having a breakfast in morning. They don't know which thing to be eaten in breakfast and which are not.

 Many people eating junk food and saying they had completed there breakfast. But are they getting nutrition from that junk food. 

They don't have answer to this question.
Here I will gonna help these type of people who don't know what to be eaten in breakfast. 

Today I will gonna share top 5 foods to be eaten in breakfast which make you healthy and provide energy to work for whole day.

List of Top 5 foods to be eaten in breakfast

Egg white

Egg white is the richest source of protein and protein present in egg white is high quality albumin protein.

Egg protein
Egg Protein 

A person should eat 2 to 3 eggs a day in morning so that your body get large quantity of protein which help you to active all the people. Many people complain that they will lazy all day and can't concentrate in there work.

 One of the reason of feeling lazy all day is deficiency of protein. If your diet includes large quantity of protein. You will feel strong and energetic.


Oats is a very good source of energy and it is very good source of protein. In morning instead of going for work with empty stomach you can eat oats in morning.

This will just take a minute to make oats at morning. Just you need to boil a milk and add oats in it. Doing this your breakfast is ready and you can eat this breakfast at any time.

This will provide your body a good source of energy. So never forgot to eat oats in morning.

Green tea

Every indian begins there day with drinking a cup of tea. But do you do normal tea contain so much calories and increase your weight.

Green tea

Instead of drinking normal tea you can replace your normal tea with green tea. Green tea help you to lose weight and make you fit. There is having so many benefits of drinking green tea.

 In indian market the most popular green tea is lipton green tea. So you can drink lipton green tea in morning. This will surely help you to lose weight naturally.


Yes you heard correct. You should eat nuts such as almond on daily basis. Nuts is a very good source of protein and provide your body a protein.

Also almond Help you for boosting your memory. You can eat almonds just by keeping them in water for overnight and in morning removing the upper cover and eat them.

This will reduce the heat content in the almonds.


Milk is a mixture of so many nutrients. Milk is a very good source of protein and this will provide your body many micronutrients.

In morning you should drink milk for daily basis. You can add some other things in milk which increase the nutrient in the milk.


These were the list I created for you all to eat healthy breakfast in morning. I hope you will include these things in your life and live a healthy life.