Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair This Holi| Healthy tips for skin

Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair This Holi| Healthy tips for skin

Holi is a festival where everyone is exicted to play colors, but don't know what is mixed in the colors, we will speak that details in details later , what is Holi according to indians?
Holi, a festival that marks the triumph of good over evil, is among the most famous festivals in India. Enticed with enthusiasm by children and elders alike, the festival of colors serves as an unofficial declaration of war, with water pistols and colors that turn into informal weapons. While it is fun to soak others with colored liquids, it is almost impossible to spend the day without being covered from head to toe in a million different shades. The following is not so attractive, while you try to remove the colors from your face to return to work in an almost decent way. Keep reading to get all the Healthy tips for skin  that will help you not only protect, but also improve your hair and skin in this Holi .Read and apply this healthy tips for skin to get desired results.

Healthy tips for skin

1) Moisturize your skin

Rubbing the face with an ice cube helps close the pores and prevents the colors from penetrating too much. Start by deeply moistening your skin with coconut oil or any other essential oil of your choice, and then apply a thick layer of sunscreen to protect your face and body. You can even choose to apply a generous coat of waterproof makeup before enjoying the festivities, as it prevents the color from reaching your skin greatly.

2) Avoid scrubbing too hard

Rubbing your skin too hard in a desperate attempt to eliminate all color is the number 1 mistake you are making. His skin is already reeling from the side effects of the chemicals present in the colors he has played with, and rubbing it too hard only ends up making things worse and leaves him completely without moisture. As a wise man said, prevention is better than cure, it makes sense to make a little effort to protect yourself from the problem later.

3) Avoid staying in wet clothes for a long time

Most important Healthy tips for skin It is highly recommended to have a change of clothes on hand, since staying in wet clothes for too long allows easier access for colors to seep into your skin. This will make it even more difficult to remove the colors from your body at the end of the day. In addition, prolonged exposure to colors laden with chemicals can cause irritation and skin rashes. If you are heading for a one-day celebration, it is worth changing your clothes after a couple of hours.

4)  Serum without rinsing to win

When it comes to protecting your braids, you should wash and condition well at the beginning of the day to make sure your mane is not sticky and is more likely to attract colors and dirt from all sectors. After that, enjoy a deep oil massage that will make it easier to wash the colors of your hair later. A quantity of the size of a spoon of conditioner without rinsing will also ensure that the colors do not adhere to the strands of your hair.

5)  Cover your beautiful mane

Even after using protectors and serums without rinsing in the hair, many people still encounter a mass of indecisive ends divided after the Holi festivities. An ideal solution would be to pile your hair in an elegant top knot and then cover it with a colorful scarf.

If you are looking for a long-term solution against skin damage,Ayurvedic doctors  advises: “Ayurvedic formulas help a lot to correct the roots of the problems faced today same, especially to protect the radiant shine of the skin and the health of their braids. " The sheen of ayurvedic products like sikakay powder for hair. provides a more holistic approach to hair care.

This are my healthy tips for skin and hair that can protect your skin from harmfull chemicals colors of holi, please do not forget to share this tips with your friends and families so that they can also protect their skin and hair, Kindly comment below if you have any doubts regarding health or various other issues.Leave a message if you want me to write a blog on a particular topic.

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