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5 reasons For hair fall |1 natural solution|hair fall control tips

5 reasons For hair fall |1 natural solution|hair fall control tips

As the level of pollution increases exponentially, your skin and hair carry the combined burden of an unhealthy way of life and the environment. To lose a couple of strands every time you start combing your hair may have become a routine part of your mornings, but you probably do not want to wait for your hair to pull into the panic button. As with all things, the path to recovery begins with the first understanding of the underlying cause, and then it is defined for a solution tailored to your diagnosis. From the common culprits behind your shriveled beams to the Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall control tips  that will help you fight hair fall , here are some top hair fall control tips that you should follow :

hair fall control tips


Your body is a force that requires optimum nutrition levels on a daily basis. Protein deficiency can be manifested in increased hair loss. There is also a common consensus that one out of every 10 people between the ages of 20 and 49 who suffer from anemia or iron deficiency - including falling hair loss on a large scale, among other health concerns.


We said this before, and we will say it again: You are what you eat. An unhealthy diet will not only accumulate in kilograms on your body, but will also take revenge on your health. Similarly, crash systems can lead to lower levels of blood sugar, which in turn leads to hair thinning on the scalp.

Hair styling in harsh way

Frequent exposure to heat-related hairdressing tools, such as hair dryers and hair irons, undermines the health of your strings, making them fragile and weak. The invasive chemical treatments in the saloon do not do anything. Drop appointments in the saloon if they contain heavy chemicals. If you should dry your hair daily, choose cold preparation to avoid blowing your strings with harmful hot air.

The scalp is unhealthy

The root of your problems, literally speaking, is what lies in the roots of your hair. Fungal infections in the scalp are more common than you think, and recurrent itching also weakens your strands in the root. Dandruff is considered another disease that can not be controlled for long periods of time, which can hinder the growth and development of your locks.


The lifeline of each strand of hair moves to three stages: the growth stage, the resting phase and the shed phase. Physical stress can be a catalyst for a certain type of hair loss known as telogen effluvium, which can put your hair's life cycle under duress and push it directly to the shedding stage.
Hair loss treatment - natural solution for hair loss

Dr. Arun, co-founder of Pure Cure + Co. , That the most effective way to treat hair loss. "There is no denial of the restorative effects of Triphaladi, an Ayurvedic hair loss treatment, which is a natural supplement that harnesses the power of amla, bibhitaki (Belleric myrobalan), haritaki (Chebulic myrobalan) and yashtimadhu. This formula helps to promote blood circulation, helps your body absorb the essential minerals of hair growth and restore your hair to its original size and vitality. "

Comment below if you have any doubts or queries below, do not forget to share this top hair fall control tips that can help your family and friends to stay healthy.

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