5 foods to be avoid during pregnancy

5 foods to be avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important phase in the life of a women. Pregnancy is giving birth to the new organism and bringing it to the new world. 

So mother should be more carefull about what she is eating. She should know that which food is good for her health and for her baby. Eating wrong food will indirectly effect the health of her child. I know most of the womens are now has  educated and they have a knowledge of which is good and which is not. 

5 foods to be avoid during pregnancy
5 foods to be avoid during pregnancy

But the problem is that even if you are eating a healthy food you don't know is it really healthy for your baby. There is having many foods which are very healthy but eating in a wrong way can effect the growing baby.

To help all the mothers who care about there growing baby I have brought top 5 foods to be avoid during pregnancy and you should not eat or reduce its quantity which may be a better solution.

List of top 5 foods to be avoid during pregnancy

Marine Fish

Now you are thinking how fish can effect the health of my foetus. Fish is one of the most nutritious food available in this planet. Yes you all are correct but I am talking about marine fishes.

Marine fish
Marine fish

 As you all know that marine water is totally polluted with chemical waste, industrial waste, sewage, electronic waste, plastic etc. These waste release so many harmful chemicals into waterbodies. Also these waste are eaten by fishes and it is undigested in fish stomach. 

It accumulate there and we eat these fish these harmful waste accumulates in our body. So I don't recommend you to eat marine fishes not more than 2-3 times a month. Instead You can eat fresh water fishes around 1-2 times a week.

Raw egg

Now again you are thinking how raw egg effects our health. I have a answer don't worry I will gonna help you to get your answer. 

Raw egg
Raw egg

As we know boiled egg is the of thr best source of protein I recommend all women to include egg in your breakfast daily. But if we talk about raw egg it is a good source of protein but raw egg contain a bacteria called salmonella which is not good for humans.

 When we boil egg this bacteria destroys. So always eat boiled egg.

Processed meat/chicken

Now a days more people were eating processed meat or chicken thinking meat is a good source of protein. But processed meat is not a good source of protein.

Processed meat
Processed meat

It contain so many chemicals for processing and some of the chemical is not good for human health. Also it contain so much of oil and spices. 

These can increase your weight. Instead of this you can eat boiled meat or chicken which is very nutritious

Unwashed vegetable/ fruits

Many people were having a habit of eating unwashed fruits and vegetable. Not only for pregnant women I will recommebd this to all that stop eating unwashed or raw vegetable and fruits.

Unwashed vegetable
Unwashed meat

 They can many bacteria and dirt. So please wash these things properly and than you eat.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks just a carbonated drinks and I will strongly recommending all pregnant women not to drink these soft drink. These drinks are not good for you and your baby. 

In pregnancy phase please don't drinks these beverages. This is very bad for heath of your baby. Instead you should drink fruit juices which has so many health benefits.


I hope you like my this article. This article I dedicate to all mother. I am very happy for helping them. Now you all have knowledge about what to eat in pregancy and foods to be avoid during pregnancy period.