5 Diy Products That Might Harm Your Skin| skin care night routine

5 Diy Products That Might Harm Your Skin| skin care night routine

Many indian male/female apply this products at night which should be avoided hence i have come with 5 Diy products that might harm your skin basically  skin care night routine that can protect you in future.

If given the option, everyone would want to stay young and active for as long as they have lived. Dealing with less resistance every day is quite difficult on its own, without having to make a reminder every time you look in the mirror. While aging is inevitable, there are certain practices that accelerate our skin aging process. Unfortunately, the belief that homemade DIY products are always the best choice for your skin may not be true in all cases. Even harmless-looking pantry items can be disastrous for your skin in the long term.  
skin care night routine

Read on to learn about a couple of DIY ingredients that do more harm than good. Top products that can harm your skin care night routine


Toothpaste is often praised as an overnight fix for nuisance zits. Without denying this fact, it is important to bear in mind that its main ingredients are baking soda and hydrogen oxide, which may not be great for your skin. Although it can temporarily remove the inflammation, it may eventually lead to deep skin irritation. 
You can feel lifelong scarring, with your color changing even after acne wears off.

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a popular clutch drug used to purify zits and make impurities fade. However, if used without dilution, it may cause burns on your precious skin. If you have sensitive skin, even the use of diluted apple 
juice in water can be strong enough to burn your skin.


Sugar, an ingredient that is definitely located in every pantry, is one of the favorite peelings that leaves you with a shiny and clear face. However, exaggerating this trick, your skin may experience micro tears, leaving it to redness and inflammation. Small white crystals also have the ability to harm your skin's lipid barrier,
leaving it more vulnerable to flakiness and at least 10 years of age.

Baking soda 

Baking soda is often served as a low-priced scrub. Unlike lemon juice, baking soda is very alkaline. You may feel that the skin seems to be clearer after a peeling session with baking soda. However, in fact, you remove the skin from the protective oil barrier and change its pH level. By doing this, you could turn your skin into a bacterium and a bad breakout. 
Also, high pH often causes skin irritation, moisture loss and premature skin aging.


The Internet can sing praise for the ability of lemons to make red spots and scars fade. Although not completely false, but the insertion of lemon juice directly on your face may have worse results. Because it is very acidic, it can damage the skin's protective barrier by disrupting the skin's pH balance. If you apply the skin to direct sunlight after applying the skin, it can cause second-degree burns or rashes anddiscoloration that can last for months to disappear.

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