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hair care home tips

Tired of loosing hair ? don't know what to do ? well no need to worry you are in the right place.
The soaring temperatures in between the intermittent rain spells can make a quick dip in the pool seem even more tempting. Those relaxing swimming sessions, however, may not bode well for your hair. It is common knowledge that the chlorine present in the pool can make hair extremely brittle and prone to breakage. The matter is further compounded if you have ever treated your hair chemically, as chlorine reacts with those chemicals and causes changes to your natural hair colour. hair care home tips will help you fight against these chroline which can damage your hair . Here are a couple of hair care home tips to combat chlorine induced damage to your hair.

Top hair care home tips

Prior to your swimming session, a quick shower to wet your tresses with non-chlorinated water is always recommended. The reason being that wet strands are lesser prone to absorbing chlorinated water as compared to dry hair. The same holds true for your skin as well, so it pays to take out a couple of minutes for a quick shower.

Coat you wet mane with either olive or coconut oil to provide an additional layer of protection. Putting oil on already wet hair makes your mane slightly waterproof, thus protecting it from the harmful chlorine from the pool waters. Olive oil also nourishes your hair and since it is natural, you won’t feel it weighing down your tresses. Coconut oil is also equally beneficial and a lesser expensive alternative.

If you aren’t big on lathering oils onto your hair on a daily basis, you could alternatively wear a swimming cap to keep your mane dry while enjoying a calming session in the pool. The humble swim cap will help in keeping your hair from reacting with the chlorine in the waters. Also, a swimming cap is inexpensive and can easily be reused.

If you are headed to an outdoor swimming pool, then it is of utmost importance to use some UVA protection for your hair. The effect of chlorinated water combined with the harmful sun rays will only end up compounding the damage. To keep your hair colour from fading out, invest in a good sun protecting serum for your precious mane.

Dr Arun , co-founder of ayurvedic products has helped us to get these hair care home tips.,he also further elaborates that , “It is of utmost importance to take a break from all chemical treatments and tend to your hair with some gems from Ayurveda, like Triphaladi which possesses the power to nourish your hair from within and repair all forms of hair damage.” Hair from Pure Cure + Co. gives you the chance to get your hands on this magical herb that improves digestion and blood circulation, helping your body better absorb minerals responsible for healthy hair growth, volume and vibrancy.

These are Top hair care home tips that can help you protect from chlorine water, now you can easily enjoy under water with no worries, i hope these tips will help you and your families, if yes than comment below .

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