how to remove tan from hands and legs in natural way

How to remove tan from hands and legs in natural way

How to remove tan from hands and legs in natural way? if you also have this doubt than you are at the right place where i will give you some top remedies recommended by panel of doctors that can help you improve your overall skin. ayurveda although takes some time but it can help you for complete cure. i have listed some tips on how to remove tan from hands and legs which help you get rid of tanning.

Having soaked in the glorious sun on your summer vacations, getting back to the grind includes the pesky task of getting rid of the body tan. The most common approach that people take to get rid of tan is bleaching. However, chemical treatments can be harsh on your skin, especially after it has borne the brunt of harmful UVA rays. Read on for a few handy tips to get rid of tan the natural way, while being gentle on your skin.  how to remove tan from hands and legs in natural way? you will get these doubt cleared in this blog where i have listed top tips that can help you get rid of tanning.

how to remove tan from hands and legs in natural way

How to remove tan from hands and legs ?  


Turmeric holds the power to cure a host of skin ailments like acne, dark circles, eczema, stretch marks and tans. Curcumin, a compound present in turmeric, contains skin lightening properties that helps getting rid of the uneven skin tone caused by tanning. You can apply a mixture of yoghurt and turmeric directly onto your skin and leave it on for 15-20 minutes to see desired results.


Another way to gently remove tan marks from your skin is to apply potato juice on the affected areas. An enzyme called catecholase is found in potatoes which possess skin lightening properties and helps to remove tan the natural way. Loaded with vital nutrients, fibres and minerals, it gently removes tans and blemishes, leaving you with glowing skin.


The antibacterial properties of aloe vera possess the power of quickly healing our skin from sunburns. Its soothing properties help provide instant relief from burns, while also smoothening the skin. You simply need to apply the gel overnight for a week to rid of tans. However, avoid going out in the sun after its application, as its photosynthetic nature might cause darkening of the skin.


Papain, an enzyme found below the skin of papayas, is known to lighten the skin and reverse the effects of skin tanning. Blessed with antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E, it helps in fading away the marks left from sunburns on your skin. You can make a paste by mashing a few pieces of papaya, a spoonful of honey and cold milk and apply it to get nourished and de-tanned skin within minutes.

Dr Arun  co-founder of ayurvedic products., advises, “When looking for skin treatments, it always pays to take the natural route, as opposed to the chemical treatments that claim to provide faster results.” Glow from Pure Cure + Co. is made from a 100% natural and concentrated herbal preparation, which helps in cleansing your blood and liver by flushing out the toxins. This leaves you with a clear and glowing complexion devoid of any tan or pigmentations.

how to remove tan from hands and legs in natural way? i hope this doubt is cleared ?  well please comment below if you have some doubts regarding your health concern. do share these tips and tricks with your friends and family.

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