All about vitamin k rich foods, uses, deficiency, conclusion

All about vitamin  k rich foods

Vitamin k is an essential vitamin which is required by our body.  But many people don't know the importance of vitamin k and vitamin k rich foods. 

All about vitamin  k rich foods

All about vitamin  k rich foods

Do you know that vitamin k is not a single substance it contains many other compounds such as vitamin k1 and vitamin k2. 
The chemical name of vitamin k1 is phytonadione and the chemical name of vitamin k2 is tocopherol.

Where is vitamin k uses?

vitamin k  used in clotting of blood and helps and make the blood thick so that more blood cannot become out from your body.
Some studies have found that vitamin k helps to reduce the risk of cancer and it destroys the cancer cells also it helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. 
Vitamin k helps in making strong bones.

What is vitamin k deficiency?

Vitamin k deficiency is a very rare condition and this mainly happens to the newly born child that sway we have to give vitamin k injection to the newborn baby.

If a person has vitamin k deficiency than his/her body unable to clot blood which leads to the more blood flow out of the body.
 This is very dangerous because if body us not doing clotting process at a time of bleeding than your all blood can flow out from your body which may lead to death.

Do you know the best sources of vitamin k, vitamin k1 and vitamin k2 here is the best source of vitamin k?

Source of vitamin k

There is having many sources of vitamin k. Our body requires mainly two types of vitamin k that is vitamin k1 and vitamin k2. But there is having a different source for both vitamin k1 and for vitamin k2.

Sources of vitamin k1

Vitamin k1  is mainly found in plants such as leafy vegetables. I can say that the best source of vitamin k1 is leafy and green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli etc.

Source of vitamin k2

Vitamin k2 is mainly found in an animal such as meat. If you want more intake of vitamin k2 you should eat more animal-based foods.

I have brought a list of vitamin k rich food which contains both vegetarian and non-vegetarian source of vitamin k. 
If you have vitamin k deficiency than you can eat this vitamin k rich foods to overcome with vitamin k deficiency. 
Hope you will like my list if vitamin k rich foods.

Some of the Vitamin k rich foods are


Kale for vitamin k
Kale for vitamin k

Kale is one of the best sources of vitamin k and many other micronutrients. Kale is a green vegetable.
 The potassium content of kale will help you to reduce the risk of heart-related disease. Kale contains many antioxidants. 
So you should eat more kale to overcome vitamin k deficiency.


Broccoli for vitamin k
Broccoli for vitamin k

Broccoli is also another green vegetable which is a rich source of vitamin k.
 You should eat broccoli if you have vitamin k deficiency.

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 It helps you to overcome vitamin k deficiency.
 you can also eat spinach in replacement of broccoli

Fish oil

Fish oil for vitamin k
Fish oil for vitamin k 

We all know the health benefits of fish oil. Fish oil contains many vitamins which are required for the proper functioning of a body. 
One of the vitamins which present in fish oil is a vitamin k. 
So you can have a fish oil supplement to overcome with deficiency of many vitamin and minerals.

Animal liver

Animal liver for weight loss
animal liver for vitamin k

Liver of various animals such as beef, duck, chicken, goat etc contains a vitamin k in large proportion. 
One serving of liver of these animals helps you to complete your daily need of vitamin k. 
Also animal liver is a good source of many other vitamins which is required by a body for proper function.


Kiwi for vitamin k
Kiwi for vitamin k

Kiwi is an amazing fruit which contains much health benefits. Kiwi is a good source of the vitamin k.
But eating one kiwi cannot help you to get enough vitamin k so you have to eat more kiwi if you want to complete daily limit if eating vitamin k.


These all are the vitamin k rich food which I mentioned above. Here also I mention what happens in vitamin k deficiency. I hope you have read this article and got enough knowledge about vitamin k rich food. Share this amazing content with your friends so that they also get knowledge about vitamin k and its function.