What is protein ll Top 10 protein rich food easily available in market

 Top 10 protein rich food easily available in market

Hello friends how are you I hope you all are fine today I studied about protein deficiency seen in Indian youth? According to my study, I saw that many people in India have a protein deficiency. So I thought people should know about the best source of protein which they should include in there day to day life. before I tell about the best source of protein people should know about what is protein and how it is work. Many people don't know the importance of protein in a day to day life.

What is protein?

What is protein ll  Top 10 protein rich food easily available in market

Protein is a micronutrient which contains a long chain of amino acid which is required by a living organism for there day to day life. For the development of muscles to the growing of your height everywhere, protein is required. If you have a good intake of protein your skin also glow. You will not become sick frequently if your immune system is strong. For a strong immune system, you should have high protein rich food in your diet.
Here I brought the best protein-rich food which you can have in your daily life to overcome your protein deficiency.
10 best Different source of protein-rich food
There is having many foods which contain protein but every food didn't have high-quality protein which contains all amino acid chain in it. 

What are protein food?

Food which contains a chain of the amino acid is called a protein rich food
Here I brought 10 cheap high-quality protein rich food which is easily available in the market at a cheaper price.

Top 10 high-quality protein foods are:

1) Egg white

Egg protein
Egg protein

Egg white is the best source of high quality protein. Egg white contains an albumin protein which is a fast digesting protein. A person should have egg in his diet. One boiled egg can have about 6gm of protein. Egg protein is the fast digesting high-quality protein which is available at a very cheap price and easily available at the market.

2)Milk products

Milk protein
Milk protein

All milk products which includes milk, yogurt, cheese etc have very high-quality protein content. Milk contains two types of protein in it which is whey protein and casein protein. Milk contains 20% whey and 80% casein. Whey protein is a fast digesting protein while casein is slow digesting protein. All dairy products are protein rich.


Tofu protein
Tofu protein

Tofu is made of soy milk. Per 100gm contains 8gm of protein. With protein, it has very low calories so it can be taken for weight loss. It has many other micronutrients such as protein, fat, carb, manganese, magnesium, iron, selenium etc. If your goal is to weight loss than you should have tofu in your diet. Tofu help to reduce the risk of Diabetes, heart attack, cancer, and many more disease.

4)Chicken breast

Chicken breast
Chicken breast protein

Chicken is the another best source of protein which contains about 32gm protein per 100gm. But you should eat chicken breast if you want more protein in it. Other parts such as legs region do not have much protein compared to chicken breast region. You can take chicken twice or thrice a week only because the daily consumption of chicken is also not good for health. A person can face the problem of hypertension.

5) Red meat

Red meat protein
Red meat protein

Red meat includes a meat of beef, goat, pig. A slice of red meat contains approx 30gm of protein and a good part of red is that it does not carbs in it. But daily consumption of red meat has a high risk of heart attack, cancer, Diabetes etc.
You should eat it only once or twice not more than that. It contains saturated fat which can Cause a heart attack and many heart-related problems.


Dry nuts protein
Nuts protein

The nut is the source of instant energy to the body. A person should have a daily intake of nuts. Nuts which is commonly available such as Almonds, cashew, peanuts, etc are normally we eat. These all are the protein-rich food which you can eat. A soaked almond is good in protein and also good for brain memory. Peanuts are also a very good source of protein. Instead, you can buy peanut butter which contains more protein than eating normally. If you don't want to buy peanut butter. You can make peanut butter at home also which is much healthier than purchasing one.

7)Soya bean

Soy protein
Soy protein

Soya bean is the cheapest source of protein which is easily available. A 100gm of soya bean can cost you about ₹15 - ₹20 and it will serve you about 30gm of protein. But this protein is not a high-quality protein because it does not contain the chain of all essential amino acid in it. Also over intake of soy protein lead to the increase in estrogen(female hormone)  level in the body which is not good for man. So soya bean should be take in less amount. It should be about 40gm to 50gm a day. 


Protein in oats
Protein in oats

Oats are one of the most eating food at breakfast. Many people eat oats with milk every morning at breakfast. But do all know how healthier is oats? Oats contain an essential micronutrient such as fiber, fatty acid, protein etc which provides instant energy to the body. Also, a combination of oats and milk is superb. Every morning when you are getting late for office. You can have oats as a morning breakfast. It does not require much time to prepare. You can make oats much tastier by adding additional material such as fruits, nuts. Adding these things will automatically increase its Protein content. I think eating junk food in the morning and wasting money there you should eat oats which 1000 times better than junk food.


Sprouts protein
Sprouts protein

Sprouts are the germinating seeds. A sprouted seed is much healthier than normal seed. A sprouted seed contains protein,vitamin,antioxidant,iron,phosphorous,fiber etc. It contains all the chain of essential amino acid. But many people don't know how to eat sprouts? Sprouts should be eaten directly without boiling or heating them because sprouts are the living plants and by heating them there all essential nutrient is all degenerate. Instead, you can make a chart of sprouts by mixing chopped tomato, onion, lime and mix them a tasty sprout chart is ready.

10)Whey protein

Whey protein is a milk-based protein which is a fast digesting protein. One serving of whey protein provides you about 25gm of high quality fast digesting protein which is necessary for the bodybuilder. You can take whey protein powder with milk or water. But many bodybuilders recommend drinking whey protein by water because in water it is much fast absorbed by the body. Milk also contains other constituents which also absorbs by a body and take more time to absorb protein. If you are not a bodybuilder than you should not buy whey protein because it will very costly. If you are a normal person with Normal life you can eat the above food product which is available at a cheaper price than whey.


These all are the best protein rich food which you all should include in your daily life. This will help you to overcome from protein deficiency.

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