Top 8 Healthy benefits of banana

Healthy benefits of banana

Banana is one of the most popular fruits. Many people like to eat a banana daily. This is because it is very cheap and easily available in the market.
Healthy benefits of banana
Healthy benefits of banana

 But Many people eat banana but do all people know the healthy benefits of banana. There is not having only one healthy benefits of banana. There is having more than 20 health benefits of banana. For you all people I had brought top 8 healthy benefits of banana.

Top 8 healthy benefits of banana are:

1)Energy booster

Banana is the best source of instant energy. You can replace your energy booster drink with bananas.

If you all are going to the gym than two banana's before a workout provides you enough energy. 

Also, it does not have any side effects. It is cheaper than energy drinks. Energy drinks contain caffeine, preservative and daily intake of this thing are not good for health.

2)Avoid the risk of cramps

You are thinking is really banana's help in reducing a risk of cramps than I will say yes. Banana's help you to protect from cramps which are coming during night time. 

Also it is help you to protect from a muscle cramp. So if you  are afraid of getting than start eating the amazing fruit called banana which not only save you from cramps but also from many deseases.

3)Good source of potassium

potassium is the of the most important mineral required in your body and banana is a rich source of potassium. Many people have blood pressure issue here's a good news for you all potassium help's you to maintain the blood pressure. 

And  banana's are the good source of potassium. Potassium provides enough oxygen to the brain and make you energetic.

4) May Avoid risk of heart attack

Heart attack
Avoid heart attack

Heart attack is very dangerous desease.Many people face a problem of coming strokes and heart attack. 
As banana contains potassium at high percentage.the potassium maintain blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks. So eat banana daily if you have any heart related disease.

5) Mood enhancer

Banana contains one amino acid called triptophan which is converted into serotonin.
And serotonin is a mood enhancer hormone and make you happy. Now if you next time feel unhappy or in depression. You should eat banana's to come back from depression.
You should suggest other people to eat banana if they face depression so that they can overcome from depression

6)  Helps in digestion

One of the best healthy benefits of banana is in digestion. Banana is a natural antacid and reduce the acidity. 
Banana contain many digestive enzymes such as pectin which helps in easy digestion. Banana helps in a growth of good bacteria in stomach. 
Also if you have diarrhea banana helps your stomach to bring all the nutrients back in stomach.

7) Reduce the risk of diabetes

At present almost more than half population in the world will face  a problem of diabetes.
Person face diabetes due to less production of insulin in body. Banana helps you from type 2 diabetes.
Also if you have diabetes many people stop eating sugar products and become weak. Sugar is required by a body to provide energy for function of whole body. Banana contain about 450 calories.
Also banana does not increase your sugar level. So you can eat banana if you face a problem of weakness in diabetes.

8) weight gain

Weight gain
Weight gain

Actually there is not having any evidance that says banana helps in weight gain. Banana didn't have much sugar but it is high in calories. So those calories may help you to increase weight. I can just say you should eat banana because it has numerous health benefits and has low sugar but high calories.


Banana is a god gifted fruit to all of us and banana has numerous health benefits. In one article it is not possible for me to cover all the healthy benefits of banana. To cover all healthy benefits of banana it require me to write more two article on this amazing fruit.
After reading this article I hope you all will gonna start eating banana every day.

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