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sleeping disorders? Best Yoga Poses For Better Sleep|ayurveda

Sleeping disorders|Best Yoga Poses For Better Sleep|ayurveda

sleeping disorders-We can’t stress enough about the absolute necessity of getting a good night’s sleep. Not sleeping properly makes you  more susceptible to blood pressure diseases, diabetes, obesity, stress, and the list goes on. Ayurveda doctors further states, “Lack of sleep is also known to make you irritable and moody, having a serious impact on your productivity at work. That is why, it is of utmost importance to fix this problem at the earliest.” If nothing seems to be working out to help you sleep, try these time-tested  poses of is meant to help us sleep like a Child.There is always a solution to sleeping disorders recommended by ayurveda doctors hence these are some Tips and Tricks That can help you from sleeping disorders by doing regular yoga.

sleeping disorders|Best Yoga Poses For Better Sleep|ayurveda


A simple yoga pose that you can try when you’re tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep. This pose requires you to hoist your legs up the wall alongside your bed, or even the headboard. This helps in draining lymph and lactic acid from your legs, which reduces soreness and fatigue, if you’re someone you spends a lot of time on your feet. Do this for about 5 minutes daily for effective results.


Again, a relatively easy-to-do pose, that requires you to lie on your back, bringing the soles of your feet to touch each other. Then, let your knees fall open forming a diamond shape with your legs.  Either leave your hands by your sides or place one on the chest and the other on your abdomen. If your limbs feel too stretched, then try putting cushions under your knees. This pose improves the blood circulation in the body and helps reduce the symptoms of stress and mild depression,sleeping disorders.


This pose has a calming effect on your nervous system and helps you transition easily into a tranquil state. To do this, sit straight on your bed with your legs folded, blocking one nostril with a fingertip, breathe slowly through the other one. When the right nostril is dominant, it leads to more alertness. The exact opposite is experienced when the left nostril is dominant. This entire process helps in freeing the mucous membrane which is present in the left nostril, and doing so helps clear our mind and put it into a restful and ready-to-sleep state.


Often dubbed as the most favourite pose of any yoga class, the savasana just requires you lie down flat on your back with your hands and legs left free, resembling a corpse. This position helps lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Combined with deep breathing, this allows your body to relax in preparation for sleep.
These are my Tips and Tricks That can help you get rid of sleeping disorders Hence do regular yoga to help you to keep fit and Fine share this tips with your family and friends so that they can get rid of this sleeping disorders.comment below if you have any doubts regarding my blog.
If you’re looking for effective results, then try Its a ayurveda medicine for sleeping disorders. an all-natural supplement that gives you the unadulterated goodness of Sarpagandha. It helps in normalising the blood pressure and also enables your body to release the pent-up energy, so that you can enjoy a tranquil sleep. This no-hassle formula just requires you to pop in one tablet  with warm warm daily before bed for positive results in just two weeks.

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sleeping disorders|Best Yoga Poses For Better Sleep|ayurveda

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